9 Whatsapp Tricks and features which you should know

9 Whatsapp Tricks and features which you should know

Most of us utilize WhatsApp for chatting and discussing any media files. Today in this article, I will tell you 9 WhatsApp hints and features that you don’t know. If you wish to know these Whatsapp tricks then read the complete article.

Whatsapp is the most famous messenger, even if you know about these features and tricks of WhatsApp, then you can surprise your mates because these 9 WhatsApp tricks is a feature of Whatsapp.

Mark as unread 

It is an extremely cool feature of WhatsApp whenever you read the unread message then message convert into a sign.

If you wish to show that you didn't see the message then tap on the chat then, you'll see 3 dots in corner click the mark as an unread option now you'll see that your messages varies as unread messages.

Utilize WhatsApp Internet 

This feature of Whatsapp lets us utilize Whatsapp on the desktop computer. If you wish to utilize WhatsApp on your personal computer or laptop computer then proceed to your desktop and enter this WhatsApp Internet URL into the search field.

Here you'll see a barcode on your desktop screen. Go to Whatsapp on your mobile and click on 3 dots then click Whatsapp web scan the barcode in your mobile. Then you are able to see your Whatsapp screen on your desktop browser.

Pin WhatsApp chat 

We sometimes have loads of contacts within our WhatsApp and we've to face many issues in locating a particular contact. Therefore, in the event that you want some of your contacts to be on top, you can now pin any number, it'll be visible to you at the top. You'll no longer have difficulty finding contacts.

Change Font Style On Your Whatsapp Status 

Whenever you compose WhatsApp status you might also change the background color and font style. To do that you'll see the option of altering font and color at the bottom left side where you compose standing.

Show press in Gallery 

Whenever you download any image or media in WhatsApp then it's stored in our mobile gallery but if you don’t need these media files on your gallery then it's great for you to do that go on your WhatsApp and follow All these steps which I have written here

Settings > Chats > press visibility > show networking in gallery

Uncheck the show media in the gallery after that whenever you receive any networking then it is not stored on your gallery.

Popup Notifications 

This feature of WhatsApp such as facebook messenger if you wish to see the popup notification from WhatsApp then you can enable this, follow all these steps.

Settings > Notifications > Popup Notifications

Today you can choose the option of popup after that whenever can you get any message then it is going to open in a popup on your cellular screen.

Change Chatting Fonts 

We may also write letters in Whatsapp it's very easy and you don’t have to install any application on your mobile you may do that without any 3rd party application. To write these types of fonts, read the following instructions.


Writing bold letters on a computer or laptop computer is very easy and most of us know this. But you know that? You can write bold letters in WhatsApp. If you don’t know how may you do that then don’t worry I'm telling you the way you can write characters in WhatsApp follow this.

The way to write bold letters in WhatsApp *Hello*

Yes, it's the way to write letters on your WhatsApp chatting whenever you write any word such as this *Your words* then it is going to be bold.


You may also write letters on your chatting it's as easy as write letters on your chat but there's a small shift.

To write letters in chatting, write your letters 'Your words' underscore. Whenever you do your letters will transform into italic letters.


In WhatsApp, You may write letters such as this HowTechno if you Want to do that then write your letters in this emblem ~Hello~

I hope you understood now to write bold along with other format letters on your WhatsApp it's very easy and easy here I’m giving you another small example it'll assist you.


My Final Words 

I Hope men you'll like these 9 Whatsapp Tricks and features and it's useful for you whether you enjoy this article then make a comment in the comment box and if you know any other Suggestions of WhatsApp then you can tell us.

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