Top 20 Technology Facts

Technology Facts

Technology has made an unbelievable advancement over the past twenty years, and also the future of technology to some might seem e wordunsettling, while to others it might be exciting. 

Here we are going to look at 100 intriguing facts about old school technologies, as well as present and futuristic tech. 

  • The English term for panda is Mozilla Firefox which is where the browser gets its name from - this usually means the Mozilla Firefox logo is, in fact, a panda, not a fox! 

  • In 1994, the firm who'd a patent on GIFs attempted to charge a fee for utilizing GIFS. The PNG was invented as an option, and the company backed down. 

  • The first Apple logo featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting beneath a tree, with an apple about to hit on his head. 

  • Google rents out goats by a firm named California Grazing to help cut down the amount of weed and brush in Google HQ! 

  • The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, was a school drop out.

  • Bill Gates home was designed utilizing a Macintosh Computer. 

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  • The word robot comes from the Czech robota. This translates into labor, or work. 

  • CD's read from the interior to the outside border, which is the reverse of records work. 

  • You can't reverse a Bitcoin transaction, or be made to pay. 

  • The average computer user flashes 7 times each minute, the standard rate is twenty-five times per minute. 

  • The first ever VCR, that was made in 1956, was the size of a piano! 

  • On a normal workday, a typist's fingers travel about 12.6 miles. 

  • The 30th of Nov is known as Computer Security Day. 

  • On first Apr 2005, NASA pulled a joke to the world which they'd discovered water on Mars.

  • The radio took 38 years to reach a market audience of 50 million. The TV Took 13 years old and the iPod just took 3 years to reach a market audience of 50 million. 

  • Employing a hands-free device to speak over the telephone when driving is shown to be more dangerous than driving drunk. 

  • If you had been to have your photograph taken by the first camera, then you'd want to sit for 2 hours. 

  • A dentist named Alfred Southwick invented the electric chair.

  • The founders of the PNG data format needed it to be pronounced as ping'.

  • EMV chip card technology has been around since 1986. It had been First implemented in France, with Germany following soon after.

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