30 Cool Facts About Polar Bears

Cool Facts About Polar Bears

You may not think there's more to know about Polar bears, other than they're white and live in cold places. While that might be correct, there are far more polar bear facts that will give you the chills!

You could be surprised how complex these animals are and how their species has developed through the years to adapt to their environment.

Check out these 30 cool facts about polar bears!

International Polar Bear day is held on Feb 27th every year.

The Latin term for the polar bear is rdquo & Mauritius. This translates as, Ursus meaning bear, and maritime meaning of the sea, maritime.

These beautiful bears can be found on the continents of North America and Eurasia, largely around the North of the Arctic Circle.

Some polar bears have been spotted traveling as far South as Alaska and Hudson Bay, Canada.

Even though they've been known to travel as far inland as 124 miles from the coastline, the mostly live close to or on the ice throughout the winter months.

As the seasons change and the ice melts, they'll migrate within their personal home range. This may vary between 50, 000 sq miles to 135, 000 square miles.

An average bear can travel over 1, 800 miles in a year migrating to follow the meal source.

When traveling across the ice, polar bears may jump over ice cracks like broad as 19 ft!

Polar bears are the only bear species to be considered marine mammals, as they spend their time on the sea ice.

Their skin is black. The only reason why they seem white is that their fur is translucent and reflects the light, which makes them appear white.

They've toes, but not only to keep them warm. The bottom of their legs is covered to help them have traction on the ice.

When in the water, the polar bears may attain speeds up to 6 mph.

Polar bears can swim continuously for hours and sometimes even days. Many people would think this is impossible if you are not a fish, but because they've huge paws, they have the ability to use them as paddles plus they maintain their toes upward like rudders to maneuver. This permits them in order in order in order to save energy which suggests they could swim for longer without tiring.

 Even though they spend about half of their time searching for food, they're rarely profitable. Frequently there is a grab less than 2% effective.

Their main prey consists of seals and bearded seals, as well as smaller creatures like birds. When required, they may also scavenge carcasseseggs and vegetation.

Polar bears square measure thought-about to be “hypercarnivores”, which suggests they need a diet that consists of over seventieth meat.

Have you detected of a Grolar Bear or Pizzly Bear? They were discovered once genetic testing in 2006 and square measure the nicknames for the Grizzly bear-Polar bear hybrid.

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This Growler/Pizzly bears square measure solely birthed by polar bears, and age living sort of a bear, however, they need brown fur.

The population of untamed polar bears stands at around twenty-six,000 (2019) and is split into nineteen subpopulations. sadly just one of those subpopulations is on the incline, 5 populations square measure stable and four square measure in decline and as for the remaining 9, it's unsure.

On average, male polar bears will weigh up to a similar weight as 10 men! That’s around one,764 pound (800 kg).

They can grow to around nine.8 feet (3 meters) long, creating them the biggest land carnivores within the world.

Female polar bears square measure around [*fr1] the scale of male polar bears.

Polar bears have an especially robust sense of smell, and thus will smell their prey up to zero.6 miles (1 kilometer) away. They use this sense to find the seal respiratory holes within the ice.

Polar bears can catch seal holes and wait by them till the seals rise out of them to breathe so attack. this can be additionally referred to as still searching.

Polar bears can even discover if a seal is within the water, albeit there's three foot of snow on prime of the ice.

They are additionally speedy once they have to be compelled to be. similarly as still searching, they will attack prey from regarding 50-100 feet (15-30 meters) away and may build up speeds to regarding twenty-five mph (40 kph).

Sadly polar bears were one in every one of the primary species to become vulnerable by temperature change, and that they square measure expected to say no by half-hour by the year 2050.

There square measure many ways to trace animals victimization trendy technology, however, in recent years, it's been discovered by the WWF that you just will retrieve a polar bear's deoxyribonucleic acid from its footprints within the snow. With solely many scoops, SPYGEN deoxyribonucleic acid specialists/scientists have found how that you just will isolate its deoxyribonucleic acid from the snow.

Other than polar bears that square measure pregnant, they're the sole species of bear that doesn't hibernate throughout the winter. Sometimes, if it's significantly cold they'll build dens and enter temporary hibernation. this can be additionally referred to as carnivore lethargy.

Finally, the biggest bear ever on record weighed a large a pair of,209 lb (1,002 kg) and was found in a northwestern American state in 1960.

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