Most useful Computer Shortcut keys which you should know

Most useful Computer Shortcut keys which you should know

Computer shortcut keys that you ought to know whether you're looking for shortcut keys then, of course, you need of this. Computer shortcut keys are very practical for us because it may make our work easy and takes conserves our time that is the reason why these shortcut keys are very helpful for us.

In this article, I'm going to tell you a few basics keyboard shortcut keys I'm sure it's going assist you in the event that you wish to know about these shortcut keys then read this article.

Basic Shortcut Keys 

Ctrl + C = Copy

Ctrl + X = Cut

Ctrl + V = Paste

Ctrl + Z = Undo

Ctrl + Y = Redo

Ctrl + O = Open

Ctrl + N = New

Ctrl + P = Paste

Ctrl + H = Replace

Ctrl + F = Find / Search

Ctrl + A = Select all

Ctrl + K = Hyperlink

Alt + F4 = Window close

Alt + Tab = Select tabs that are open

Ctrl + Esc = Open start menu

Alignment Shortcut keys 

Ctrl + E = Center alignment

Ctrl + L = Left alignment

Ctrl + R = Right alignment

Ctrl + J = Justify orientation

Ctrl + Enter = Page break

Ctrl + Enter + Shift break

Fonts Shortcut keys 

Ctrl + Shift + > = Font size increase

Ctrl + Shift + < = Font size decrease

Ctrl + B = Bold

Ctrl + I = Italic

Ctrl + U = Underline

Ctrl + 1 line distance

Ctrl + 2 = Double space

Ctrl + 5 = 1.5 Line distance


There are various keys these are a few basic keyboard shortcut keys but these keys are very helpful you can utilize this to make your work easy. If you enjoy this article please share and if you know some helpful Computer Programmer Keys then share with me in the comment box.

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